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My name is Bill Mongin. In 1962 I started a company called Coleman Parts & Machine with my family. The first 5 years I assisted my father in our machine shop. In 1967 I took the position of outside sales representative. We built our company to a 4 store operation. In 1989 I made a decision to make a career change. In 1991 I was introduced to PowerUP. After a careful study and seeing the impressive results of PowerUP, I made a decision to market their products. My wife & I are proud to be representing the PowerUp products for Wisconsin & Upper Michigan and the results they offer. We would like to thank you for visiting our web site.

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THE SOLUTION: To reduce friction & deterioration through the achievement of advanced lubrication technology!!

UNIQUELY COMPATIBLE: Our products blend with lubricants becoming a part of that lubricant. Increasing the lubrications film strength of conventional synthetic & petroleum based lubricants.

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